SEO Training

[marki_custom_heading custom_heading_text1=”What is SEO?” custom_heading_text2=”What Makes It So Popular?” custom_text_below_title=”SEO-(Search Engine Optimization) – It is the process of getting a website on top rank of Google Search results. It is very helpful in increasing organic traffic for your business. SEO includes On Site SEO and Off Site SEO. It has become a must have these days to have an online presence for rapid growth of your business because you are living in the era of internet. Online presence attracts people from all over world to visit your website and you can convert them into potential customers. But this is a tough task to make your business visible to your audience among millions of other websites. This is the reason that you go for SEO. Okay let’s know how SEO helps you in achieving this.”]
[marki_custom_heading custom_heading_text1=”Everyone ” custom_heading_text2=”Wants SEO” custom_heading_text3=”Because:” custom_text_below_title=”1. Gives your business a genuine traffic
2. Makes better visibility of the brand
3. It is more low cost than Adword and PPC
4. 70% people click only 1 st page results
5. SEO gives you better chance of step out among millions of other websites”]
[marki_custom_heading custom_heading_text1=”Scope &” custom_heading_text2=”Future” custom_heading_text3=”Of SEO:” custom_text_below_title=”The future is very bright as almost 98% of all industries will be online till 2020. The demand of SEO Executive is more than the supply that’s why one can easily get a job in this field with good salary package.”]
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DMIR is giving a chance to everyone of learning SEO in guidance of highly experienced and expert faculty. Students are trained here on live projects so that they can easily get familiar with the atmosphere of working with big companies.


[marki_custom_heading custom_heading_text2=”SEO Syllabus Covers” custom_heading_color=”#000000″]

On-Page SEO Techniques

Google Analytics

Off-Page SEO Techniques

Search Console

Keyword Research

Advance Glossary

Content Analyze Techniques

Website Basics