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Affiliate Marketing: Step by Step Guide

If you are smart enough to recognize the current need of people, then you can make really good money by selling that needed product by Affiliate Marketing.

For example – The air quality of India has led to the mega increment in the sale of air purifiers and indoor plants that can purify the air inside your home.

You can be an affiliate marketer too all you need just a laptop or computer and internet.

What is Affiliate Marketing Exactly?

“Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting another company’s product (or service). You find a product, promote it to others, and earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make.” – Smart Passive Income.
In simple words – Affiliate Marketing is selling someone else’s product to other
people through an affiliate link.
It is not necessary that you always get a good commission by the products that
you have chosen. But if you do specified research about the product and find the
perfect niche then you can go very far in this.

There are 3 main pillars of affiliate marketing:

1. The Affiliate Company (or Network): The company or network is the creator of the product such as Amazon, Rakuten, ClickBank, and ShareASale.
2. The Affiliates: The one, who promotes the affiliate products to the potential customers so they can buy it and the affiliate, can get commission.
3. The Customers: Those who buy the affiliate products through the social media, website or a blog.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

The reason behind the popularity of affiliate marketing is that you need no money, no products to create. You have to sell products created by others.
1. Find a company and product you want to promote.
2. Sign up as an affiliate.
3. Get your unique affiliate link and add it to your site.
4. A visitor to your website clicks the link, which takes them to a third-party page.
5. If the visitor makes a purchase, you receive a commission based on the value of
the item purchased.

Tips for Affiliate Marketing

While choosing your product for affiliating, you should keep some things in your mind which will help you in growing your customers.

1. Product has to be popular: Selling the popular product can be very beneficial as the customers are already searching for it. You can find the popular products by searching on amazon best seller products.
2. You can use the tools as buzz-sumo, buffer, keyhole etc to find the trending and most talked content and you can get the idea to choose the product by that.
3. Through the above mentioned tools, you can find out how many people are talking related to your products. You can re-tweet, reply and pin them and tell about your affiliate product.

4. Understand the market needs: As I mentioned in the starting that air purifier has become the most selling product in Delhi now a days, similarly you can get a check on the market and choose the products for the affiliate marketing.

How to Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing?

There are lots of examples in front of us that people Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing. Here are some best affiliate marketing website which will definitely help you to begin your work and earning extra money.
1. ShareASale Affiliates
2. Amazon Associates
3. Shopify Affiliate Program
4. Clickbank
5. Rakuten Marketing Affiliates
6. Leadpages Partner Program
7. StudioPress Affiliate Website
8. CJ Affiliate Publisher’s Program
9. Bluehost Affiliate Program
10. ConvertKit Affiliate Program

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