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What Is Search Engine Marketing [SEO] | On Page SEO Activities 2019

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What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the technique of increasing the visibility of the website in SERPs. It helps in driving organic and genuine traffic to the website and it is free of cost.

There are Mainly Two Types of SEO

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

On Page SEO:-

This is the process of optimizing the webpage for Search Engine for driving relevant traffic. User friendly and Search Engine friendly content is key of On Page SEO. Meta Tags as Title, Description, Alt Tag, H1, H2, H3, Keywords are other important factors of On Page SEO.

On Page SEO Activities:-

Keyword Research: – Choose the relevant and most searched keywords of your niche or topic from Google Keyword Planner Tool to drive huge traffic on the website.

Title Tag: – Title Tag is used to understand the content of the webpage. It should be 65 to 70 characters long. For best results, use keywords in it.

Meta Description: – Meta Description is a short summary of the webpage. It should be 165 to 170 characters long. Use the keywords, used in Title Tag for faster rankings.

Content: – Content is very important factor for SEO. Always use original, stick to point, user friendly and keywords rich content.

Body Tags (H1, H2, H3, H4 etc): – These tags divide the content into heading and subheadings. It helps the user to better understand and Google bot in crawling.

Alt Tag: – Use Alt Tag in videos and images. Insert your keyword in Alt Tag.

Xml Site Map: – The XML sitemap is the list of webpages which make web crawl easy to understand the hierarchy of the URL and crawl it efficiently.

Internal Link Anchor text: – Anchor Text convert a text into a clickable link which can direct users from one webpage to the other webpage on the internet.

Robot Txt: – You can restrict the Google Crawlers from crawling any URL of the website by using robots.txt.

Canonical URL: – Use Canonical URL to access your website with multiple URLS.

Site Performance: – Enable compression, Minify CSS, JavaScript, and HTML, Improve server response time to improve the speed of the website as it is an important factor.

404 Error: – Fix all the broken links of the website as it leaves a bad impact on the user and we can lose our traffic.

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Off Page SEO:-

The techniques, which are performed off page by linking the website with another influential website of the same or a near about niche. These activities help in increasing the rankings of a website.

Off Page SEO and Activities

  1. Classifieds
  2. Forum Posting
  3. Article Submission
  4. Social Media Engagement
  5. Business Listing
  6. Review Posting
  7. Directory Submission
  8. Blog Commenting
  9. Video, PPT, PDF and Infographics Submission or Image
  10. Social Bookmarking (SBM) 

What are the SEO Techniques available?

There are Mainly Three Types of SEO Techniques:-

  1. White Hat SEO:This is an SEO technique in which we increase website visibility on SERP by optimizing a webpage for user intent of search, organically and by following search engine guidelines.
  2. Black Hat SEO:This is an SEO technique in which we increase website visibility only for ranking purpose without considering user intent in mind and disrupting search engine guidelines.
  3. Grey Hat SEO:Grey hat SEO is a technique is used for increasing website ranking faster on SERP by using Black Hat SEO technique in moderation.


Most Used SEO Tools

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console or Webmaster
  • Alexa
  • MOZ
  • Buzzsumo Tool
  • Google Trends
  • Ubersuggest etc.

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