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Learn What Is Digital Marketing? Earn $30 Daily By Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is online marketing, promoting awareness about products and services through digital mediums like – social media, blogs, and websites. Digital Marketing provides  potential customers over the internet.

Why is it Important to learn Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing helps in monitory things like what is being viewed, how often and for how long, sales conversions, what content works and doesn’t work, etc. The Internet is, perhaps, the channel most closely associated with digital marketing. The other ways include wireless text messaging, mobile instant messaging, mobile apps, podcasts, electronic billboards, digital television and radio channels, etc.

What Techniques are Taught in Digital Marketing?

Search Engine Optimization: Learn about the impact of SEO, on-page & off-page SEO techniques, SEO power-tools, how to perform an SEO audit, how to evaluate an SEO report.

Search Engine Marketing: Role of Search Engine Marketing, fundamentals of Google AdWords, setting up your AdWords account, types of ads and ad peripherals.

Social Media Marketing: Training on creating and managing social media assets, the importance of SMM, utilization of social media tools, Facebook advertising and other forms of social media advertising.

Display Advertising : In this type of advertising, we make 10-20 seconds of video, gif image, banner ads, and we highlight our product.

Video Marketing : Video Marketing is the most popular type of internet marketing and advertising. In this technique, businesses create short videos about 2-5 minutes of specific topics using content from articles and other text sources. Videos are then uploaded and distributed on various video sharing sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion etc.

Content Marketing: Understand the psychology behind setting a tone to the brand by the messages and content going out through digital channels to communicate among the target demography of the product/service.

Email Marketing: Introduction to email marketing, types of email campaigns, creation of email templates, email marketing tools, email marketing Dos and Don’ts.

Google Analytics: In google analytics, you will learn how much traffic is coming into your website .

Affiliate Marketing: A marketing system by which an online retailer pays the commissions on the external website for traffic or sales generated from your referrals.

Who can learn This Course?

  • A small business owner.
  • Any graduate student
  • Work From Home
  • Freelancer
  • You tuber
  • Any Sales Manager or Operation Head who wants to grow business.
  • IT head of FMCG company who can help business & many more.

Career In Digital Marketing?

  • You can take up a full-time job
  • Work as a freelancer
  • Become a blogger
  • Own a business promotion in the Digital World
  • Brand Promotion
  • Work as a Consultant
  • Start a Digital Marketing Agency
Let’s take a look on why to choose this course for your career:
  • Get placements across the globe
  • No technical skills needed
  • Be a part of the Digital World
  • High Salaries
  • Job Growth
  • A lot of Freelance Job Opportunities

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