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How to Earn Money Online in India?

Digital Marketing

Earn Money Online – Daily Payment Without Any Investment

If you are a student, employee, or housewife and want to earn some part-time money then you are in the right place. We will tell you some ways to earn money online – daily payment, without Investment in India or anywhere else in the world and you can get monthly as well as daily payments too. Across the world, people earn $100 to $500 in a day and these are very easy Tricks.

We are showing you some best ways to earn money online in India without any investment. If you want to learn online money making read this blog…

Earn Money By YouTube

This is the most popular way of online earning money. You can create your own channel on YouTube and upload some quality videos and after becoming YouTube Partner, you can get paid by YouTube.

There are lots of niches you can make videos on as – technology, beauty, comedy, cooking, home remedies, gardening, I mean there is hardly something left on which you can’t make a video.

Making a channel on YouTube is totally free. All you have to do just create a channel with your Gmail account and upload good stuff videos.

In today’s era, a normal to big YouTuber, they all are earning money by YouTube and you can also make money online without any investment by YouTube.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Marketing is all about selling other merchants’s products online. All you will be needing just a smartphone or laptop or a computer.

The big companies like  Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart etc. are giving a great chance of earning money online by selling their products on Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram.

If you have your own website then you can promote the products on it also. It is called Affiliate Marketing. When a customer buys a product through your affiliation, you will get a commission of 4% to 20%.

You can do Affiliate Marketing with Amazon and other websites and can earn upto 40,000 to 70,000 from just one website and there are lots of them.

We are giving you the direct link of top Affiliate Marketing sites where you can sign up and set up your account totally free of cost:





If you love writing and can do creative writing on any topic then you can be a blogger and can do online earning of money.

All you have to do just make a free account on blogger and write on any topic as health, travel, technology, whatever you want or you good at.

Once your blog is Adsense approved then Google will start showing ads on your blogs and you will get paid huge amounts.

Content Writing

There are lots of students and specially girls and ladies who seeks for work from home so content writing can be a fitting option to them as it pays also well.

You can do content writing freelancing for blogs, companies, institutions etc and get paid for your work. Normally people get paid $5 to $20+ for writing 500 words content.

if you are good at delivering content writing services, then you can start online courses for content writing.

Online Survey 

You can do online surveys in your free time. These surveys take 5 to 20 minutes depending on the particular company’s requirements.

All you have to do just write your feedback or opinion on the survey. In some surveys they give you options too so you have to choose one option that’s it.

You will be paid according to the length of the survey & it could be around $1 to $20.

Some websites for online surveys are: – Swagbucks, Toluna, OnePoll, Vivatic, MySurvey etc.

Buy and Sell Goods Online

Everyone has some unwanted or useless stuff at their homes. What if you can sell them to a needy one and make money!

You can sell your useless things on Quikr and OLX. All you have to do just take some good quality pictures of that stuff and list it on OLX & Quikr for sale.

Now you can sell it to the third party at a higher price. This is a popular way to earn money online.

Domains Trading

Okay, let me tell you first that here you need to do some investment in buying a domain. But if you remain lucky then you can really make a large amount of money in just one shot!

You can do proper research and buy a couple of domains that seem to be popular in the future as – any event-related domain, any place related domain.

When companies don’t find the domain of their choice, they contact the domain owner for the deal & it’s in your control to fix the price and you can sell the domains as per your desired price.

Become a Freelancer

Freelancing – such a powerful thing that if you are good enough at it, you can run a company of your own.

Believe me, I have worked in a company in my earlier days, where they used to grab lots of overseas projects (as a freelancer) from the websites like: UpWork, Freelancer.in, WorkNHire and were making lots of money.

You can make your profile on above mentioned websites and work as a digital marketer, content writer, web designer, graphics designer or provide services like SEO, videoediting, logo making, data entry, video testimonials, etc.


We have tell you many ways of earning money above. If you want to keep yourself updated with new and creative ideas then follow our blogs and for digital marketing knowledge keep visiting our website. Do tell us your suggestions by comment section.


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